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2021 Hangzhou Tappa and Zhejiang Tongpu Annual Party


Happy New Year

The new year's bell has rung

The wheels of time left a deep mark

With the warm sunshine in winter

2021 came on time

Out with the old, in with the new, all members of Hangzhou Tappa Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Tongpu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. were full of enthusiasm and gathered together to welcome the new year!

At the beginning of the new year, a special welcome event was held in our brand new state-of-the-art production base-Tongpu Industrial Park in Chongfuzhen! The buses lined up at the Hangzhou Tappa Medical Technology Co., Ltd in the morning of January 9th to carry all company members to visit the new site. Everyone dressed up for the occasion and itched for the destination with excitement accompanied by brilliant weather.

Chatting and laughter blended in the bus along the way; On the road, we had a taste of Chongfuzhen, an ancient town with a history of civilization for more than 6000 years, as well as a town establishment history of 1100 years. The town is located in fertile and alluring Hangjiahu plain in the southwest of Tongxiang, Zhejiang providence, situated near Linping and Hangzhou's financial district.Chongfuzhen is accessible through Jing-Hang Grand Canal, China National Highway 320, Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Conventional Expressway, and Shanghai-Hangzhou High-speed Railway. Many major cities are within reach; the town is 55 km west of Hangzhou, 100 km north of Suzhou, 159 km east of Shanghai. It is 5 km away from the Chang'an’s entrance of the Shanghai-Hangzhou Conventional Expressway and 1 km away from the Chongfu exit of the Hangzhou Second City Highway.

Everyone enjoyed the breathtaking scenery of Chongfuzen and experienced the unique charm of Jiangnan through transportation convenience.

Hangzhou Second City Highway

China National Highway 320

Light Rail, Hangzhou Second Airport under planning

Night View of Zhongshan Park

Jing-Hang Grand Canal

While everyone was captivated by the sight of a perfect mingling between history and modern advancement of Chongfuzhen, Zhejiang Tongpu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Industrial Park presented itself to us. The brand-new premises and the revolutionary production facility quickly caught everyone's attention. Everyone was amazed at the magnificent beauty of the industrial park.

Clean and Tidy Tongpu Medical Industrial Park


As we stepped into the main lobby, the corporate culture exhibition hall and product exhibition area greeted us.

Corporate Culture Exhibition Hall

Product Display Area and Reception Area

To everyone’s surprise and praise, we walked into the office area.

Spacious and Bright Office

Convenient Public Area

Warm Tea Room, Resting Area

Everyone became more motivated by the spacious and neat office area, and we are grateful for the thoughtful and comfortable environment provided by the company. Then we toured the sophisticated ISO Class 8 cleanroom to appreciate the quality control of Tongpu Medical’s production line.

Clean Dressing Room, Cleaning Room, 

Transfer Warehouse

Spacious and Bright Assembly Workshop

New Production Equipment

Microbiology laboratory

After admiring the industrial park, we went to the cozy and fully-furnished employee residential areas, Chongde Mansion in Country Garden, purchased by the company.

Finally, we arrived at the main venue of the annual party. At the entrance of the venue, the Chinese god of wealth welcomed us. Every corner hung a festive ribbon with every window affixed with traditional paper-cut “window flower”.

Upon entering the venue, the first thing we saw was the red and jovial signature wall stating “Grateful to Have You with Us On This Journey”, which reminded everyone of the time we spent fighting for our future together! Thank you all for going through the thick and thin together! All attendees signed the signature wall. What they signed was not only a name, but also a blessing to tomorrow and an oath to fight for a dream that we share!

Afterwards, we took photos as a family to remember 2020 and past footprints. May we have today’s joy and glory forever!

Valiant Heroic Sales Development Team

Agloat Functional Development Team

Hard Working Production Development Team

In the midst of melodious music, laughter, and gratitude, our annual party has begun! The company also provided a sumptuous lunch, exquisite refreshments, and fruits.

The    party    has    begun   !

Happy New Year of the Ox.

The party was full of passion, enthusiasm, and joy. A team of the heads of departments made a collective appearance to bring sincere New Year wishes, and expressed appreciation for the unremitting efforts and cooperation in the past year! In the new year, we are moving forward! With the 12:30pm bell ringing, the host announced the formal start of the party!

First of all, we introduced Sa Fan, the CEO of Tappa Medical, to deliver a New Year’s greeting. His speech also summarized the company's work in 2020, and he put forward new requirements and expectations for the future development. Most importantly, Mr. Fan emphasized the customer-first approach to provide clients with high quality products and services consistently!

The 2020 pandemic has changed all aspects of the world. Moving forward, clients will have different requirements and higher expectations for product quality and service capabilities. We have to adapt to this change in the market. We must ensure the quality of products while improving our service capabilities and speed up the iteration of newer generations of products. We will always be prepared for changes! The development of an enterprise will encounter obstacles at any time, we must embrace problems, meet predicaments, and accept challenges! Difficulties are opportunities for growth, we should face them all with a positive attitude! This is our Enterprise Values that Hangzhou Tappa and Zhejiang Tongpu have always adhered to, “Customer First, Teamwork, Embracing Change, Integrity, Passion, Commitment.”

Mr. Fan also put forward higher requirements for each employee's personal development in 2021, encouraging all staff to make further efforts to create brilliance together!

Tongpu Deng, the CEO of Tongpu Medical, also extended New Year's greetings and earnest hopes to everyone. At first, Deng congratulated the completion of the Zhejiang Tongpu production base and recounted the efforts and hard work that all company members contributed to make the construction possible. Mrs. Deng is proud of every single member of the team that is behind all the great work! She also emphasized that outstanding teammates complete an excellent team, just like a superb team would provide personal growth for its team members. At the same time, a great dream can only be achieved by an invincible team.

Everything we have achieved so far is the interpretation of the enterprise spirit we believed in since the very beginning: hard work, diligence and dedication, efficient and pragmatic, unity and cooperation, pioneering and innovation, creating brilliance! We don’t just use it as a slogan, but we show them through action! It is the only way for an enterprise to be strong and brilliant! It is the most basic and humble spirit that our company must adhere to regardless of any period or stage of development! It is also the mentality and attitude of an entrepreneur and a dream chaser must maintain at any period and at any stage! We will not lose our way; instead we will develop in the right direction and become invincible! This is the internal development that we must cultivate. From here, we will defeat and conquer any challenges in the process of enterprise development!

This year is special, a year for our enterprise’s expansion. Everything we’ve achieved was impressive, and it will also be written into our history! However, 2020 was an infamous year that impacted the world unexpectedly, and it will also be remembered in world history. The devastation caused by the pandemic changed the direction of many things and stunned many people’s lives. Millions are still in pain, and the recovery will take a long time. No one can stay out of it, neither can we!

Just like everything in life, nothing will be perfect. Difficulties are unavoidable, and we can only prepare to welcome them with a positive attitude to move forward with our dream chasing. At the same time, we must work harder and more diligently; be more vigorous and braver; be more generous and more optimistic! And also, believe in a better tomorrow! Because what you think will be your tomorrow, your future!

Mrs. Deng then said, “I have mentioned ‘dream,’ it is a beautiful word. I want to suggest that everyone should have a dream that leads your way. We become forever young because of the inextinguishable passion that shields us from the darkness. A dream makes you unique and outstanding! I have a dream, and our enterprises have a dream; we are who we are because of it!”

Looking back at where we came from, we have survived and tasted all flavors of life on the journey. We will meet many other hurdles as we travel further down the road. But we are fearless. Next five to ten years will be our time to expand and grow. While every second will be critical, we will still follow our enterprise spirit to innovate and maintain a high standard in product quality and production efficiency. With innovation as our goal, we will continue to research and pursue the best design for each product, and sky will be our limit. We will keep up the rigorous and meticulous attitude to produce innovative quality products, and we aim to grow into a high-tech national enterprise.Rejuvenating the country through science and technology is never a slogan, but a truth! Chinese national enterprises should and must rise! We will become a member among all the shining stars! We will gain the capability to compete with the peers on the world stage.

We will hold onto this great dream with both feet on the ground and achieve it step by step. If you share the same vision as us, let us embrace joys and pain but advance nonetheless. We only live once; why not make it meaningful, unique, free, and leave nothing to regret.Lastly, best wishes to Tappa! Best wishes to Tongpu! Best wishes to everyone! I hope tomorrow will be much better!

In the course of the speech, when Mrs. Deng mentioned the enterprise spirit, everyone began to recite our enterprise spirit with one voice: hard work, diligence and dedication, efficient and pragmatic, unity and cooperation, pioneering and innovative, creating brilliance! The scene was shocking! With such a cohesive team, we Hangzhou Tappa and Zhejiang Tongpu will certainly go higher and further!

In waves of applause, the annual party entered the stage of happy time! With the sound of music, “Wishing You Prosperity”, the beautiful girls from our production department are dancing along the music.

Other departments have also prepared wonderful programs. The second program is a song brought by the Domestic Sales Department, “I believe”: “I am not afraid of others to see the dream I want to dream. I can realize dreams into reality. The world awaits me to change. I believe in myself; I believe in tomorrow; I believe youth owns no limit. I believe in freedom, and I believe in hope. I believe that my hand can touch the sky.” We believe that you all will be confident just like what you sang regardless of what future holds, we will go forward and accomplish great things.

The quality department's traditional surprise program-" Three and a Half Sentences", four outgoing girls to bring us infinite joy! They also brought us the new year's wish! We hope for smooth sailing in the new year!

The most unexpected program is the, “lovelorn Front Alliance” brought by the Registration Department, which pushes the atmosphere of the party to a climax, it was impressive to see a “cool” side of the usually prudent and serious Registration Department.

Software Department Hui Li brought the Hulusi (a folk instrument in China) solo-" military Port Night "to bring a touch of memories, showing the different side of the technical staff!

Next song was brought to us by the Technical Department- “my future is not a dream”: “I know my future is not a dream. I live every minute seriously. My future is not a dream, and my heart is moving with hope. My future is not a dream, I live every minute seriously. My future is not a dream, and my heart is moving with hope.” Young and promising craft partners, with songs to express their dreams, but also with practical action to pursue their dreams! We believe you will show everything you san through action, the future will not only be a dream.

Technical Department 

《my future is not a dream》

Quality Control Department's songs, “King and Beggar” and “And Me” and Production Department's song, ”Women will Live a Beautiful Life”, let everyone see the versatile side of the our guys besides hard work!

Song《King and Beggar》-Yahong Shen

Song《Women will live a beautiful life》--

Xiaohong Luo

Song《And Me》--Bichen Zhu

The show , “Ace to Ace” brought by the Domestic Sales Department actively interacted with every audience. Although the sales colleagues scattered all over the world, but Tappa and Tongpu will always have their back like a big family, we support each other, complement each other!

The Treasury's "Sun Always Shines After the Wind and Rain," Research and Development Department's" True Hero," and International Sales Department's "Original Dream" all seemed to tell us the story of Tappa and Tongpu's journey. Under the guidance of the company's leadership, we have gathered together to work towards the same goal. We never forgot who we are and where we came from. Our dream is the driving force, and we are each other's hero!

Financial Dept--

《Sunshine always after the wind and rain》

Research and Development Department--《True Hero》

Overseas Sales Department--

《Original Dream》

Before we conclude the performance portion of the annual party, a passage from the Supply Chain’s Program-"Poem Recitation” should be quoted, “There is no height that cannot be measured with the wings of hard work! There is no distant place that cannot be reached with diligent feet!” We will definitely leave a strong and remarkable stroke on history, recording our fighting efforts and footprints. Should the time captures the most beautiful image of us.

In addition to cheers, laughter, and applause, our annual meeting also has honors!

Tappa and Tongpu has always been adhering to the company spirit of "hard work, diligence and dedication, efficient and pragmatic, unity and cooperation, pioneering and innovative, creating brilliance". We pay attention to the development of every employee and expect every employee in Tappa and Tongpu can grow up to be a leader or even an "excellent leader" to lead more people with dreams forward together! At this annual meeting, commendations and awards were given to outstanding employees in 2020. Among the winners were outstanding employees in various positions and managers who led the team to achieve marvelous performance.

The winners of the Outstanding Employee Award

Award words

She is hardworking, pragmatic, and capable. She proved through actions that one can make extraordinary contributions in ordinary positions! She has won respect and recognition with earnestness, responsibility, dedication, and enthusiasm! They are role models, representatives of grassroots employees, and a proud member of the company family! They are the winners of the Outstanding Employee Award: Ruirui Guo and Liping Bai from Production Department.

The winner of the Market Development Award

Award words

He cares about the company, loves his job, and maintains the company's brand! He continuously progresses in work, improving through learning, developing in the marketing field, and presents himself with an increasingly mature image! You can see far by standing tall! You who display talents for the first time, you will be able to travel far and well down the path. He is the winner of the Market Development Award-Domestic Sales Department Qiankang Xu.

The winner of role models for the Youth

Award words

There is such a young person, with his diligent, dedicated, and pragmatic spirit, he has walked firmly, steadily, and calmly all the way, and completed the transformation from immature to excellent! Showcasing a positive image of a young person who is hardworking and responsible! Influence and lead our young people! May you, as always, move forward with confidence! Let today's efforts shine in the future! He is the winner of role models for the Youth -Haoqi Lv, the head of the Technical Department.

The winner of the Pioneer Award

Award words

He is gentle, loyal, and dedicated! In expanding and upgrading the company, he is the first to bear the brunt, working at the forefront of the company construction. With the enormous projects, complicated affairs, and different work demands, he is full of passion for the company and the work. Hard-working without any complaints, serious, and responsible, and always practice the spirit of enterprise with actions! It has laid an excellent foundation for the expansion and smooth transition of the enterprise! As you hold a critical position with numerous responsibilities, you will gain more personal growth and show the demeanor of a good leader! He is the winner of the Pioneer Award---Production Manager Chuantong Wang.

The winner of excellent management

Award words

We vaguely remember his youthfulness when he first joined the company and witnessed his growth in the company. He used his diligence, studiousness, and personal enrichment to improve his professional knowledge, with his earnestness and pragmatism to win respect. Based on the spirit of growing together with the company, he raises the height of his own thinking, walks steadily along the way, completes the transformation from immature to mature, and then to the Quality Department leader! Leading his department and influencing horizontal departments, escorting our products! He is the winner of excellent management-quality manager Binbin Zhu.

 Looking back on 2020, it is an extraordinary year! This year we have challenges, development, and innovation! Looking forward to 2021, we have plans, goals, and dreams! This is our Tappa! This is our Tongpu! Let us set sail and create brilliance together!

The annual party has come to an end, but the warmth and joy of our big family will continue. Fighting and dreams continue. Our 2021 begins. Finally, quote a passage from Deng: We will have lofty dreams! Step on solid ground! Step by step and never give up on the dream! Go ahead!


One Group of People   One Mind 

  One Dream

Fighting Together     Sure to Win

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